Administration – Objectives

1. To work together with the Board of Directors/Band Council and the Yîlîstis Society of Elders to identify program needs and priorities, and to identify strategies and funding sources for accomplishing program objectives.

2. To establish and maintain liaisons with outside resource, funding, and other support institutions and individuals.

3. To promote community awareness of program objectives, needs, and accomplishments, and to encourage input from community members and organizations into planning, implementation, and evaluation.

4. To coordinate the implementation of program objectives, staff supervision and evaluation, and liaison with community groups through a management by objectives approach.

5. To identify staff training needs and facilitate staff training.

6. To assist the Board of Directors/Band Council and Yîlîstis Society of Elders in undertaking their responsibilities through orientation and training, and the development of written terms of reference and policy and procedural manuals.