Museum – Objectives

One of the greatest achievements of the Heiltsuk was the development of beautiful and finely crafted forms through which so much of Heiltsuk culture, philosophy and way of life was made visible, and by means of which the Heiltsuk were enabled to survive and prevail in a rich but challenging environment.

These forms provided for the essentials of subsistence, and served as well as to teach and inspire. The Heiltsuk were and continue to be keen visual learners, teachers, artists and technicians. The goal of the HCEC museum program is to preserve and present the visual evidence of Heiltsuk cultural and historical achievements and to build upon traditional visual hands-on learning strengths of the Heiltsuk. Specific objectives are to:

1. Develop visual and hands-on education programs utilizing museum exhibits and related programs and activities.

– Programs will be designed to 1) present major themes in Heiltsuk history and culture, 2) especially, but not exclusively from the Heiltsuk point of view, and 3) to stimulate further inquiry.

– The target audience will be students and staff of the Bella Bella Community School, members of the Heiltsuk Band and residents of Waglisla, resource people and visitors to the community and central coast region.

– In the future, travelling exhibits may be designed to be presented in other communities in the central coast and elsewhere in B.C., in museums and related institutions, and at other cultural centres.

– In addition, the Centre will seek to arrange for exhibits of Heiltsuk art and artifacts on loan from museums and private collections.*

2. Provide facilities for safe-keeping of community heritage properties and promote the preservation of Heiltsuk heritage properties.

* *(see also under CONSERVATION, 2. & 3.)

3. Seek, if possible, the repatriation of Heiltsuk art and artifacts.