Research – Objectives

1. To undertake a systematic and thorough documentation of the history, territory, laws, knowledge, cultural traditions of the Heiltsuk people, up to the present time by:

  • locating and acquiring copies of relavent documents, including photographs and other historical data from archives, libraries and private collections;
  • systematically recording the knowledge of our present generation of elders, in order to: i) fill in the deficiencies in previously recorded documentation undertaken by researchers from outside the community, ii) assist in interpreting and analyzing these documents, and iii) provide an accounting and interpretation of Heiltsuk history and culture from the point of view of the Heiltsuk people;
  • identifying the interrelationship between Canadian society and institutions and Heiltsuk society and culture as these developed over the past 200 years, since contact;
  • promoting or undertaking archaeological investigation and analysis within traditional Heiltsuk territories;

2. To establish a permanent record through assembling a Heiltsuk history and research archives that will serve a basis for: (see under ARCHIVES, 1)

3. To prepare specific materials which will summarize and analyze research data.