Resource Centre – Objectives

  1. To assemble and maintain a permanent and comprehensive record of Heiltsuk history, accomplishments, and knowledge, and to provide other resource materials as a basis for:
  • further research and analysis
  • the production of educational materials and programs
  • self determination (including land claims)
  • the revitalization and further evolution of Heiltsuk society and cultural traditions;

2. To maintain and care for the collections to ensure: a) accessibility through good organization and indexing, b) physical care and protection, c) protection and proper administration of all materials under copyright in the name of the Heiltsuk nation or individual contributors;

3. To establish and maintain professional archival and library standards;

4. To acquire, maintain or seek whatever equipment and space are necessary for recording, protecting, retrieving, and displaying information and materials within the collection;

5. To promote community use and awareness of the resource collections.